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Smart Balance

What is a Balancer?

A balancer is a nutrient dense feed containing vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids – the ‘building blocks’ of protein, alongside a negligible number of calories.

Balancers are normally created in a pelleted form but can also take the form of a mix and they effectively ‘balance’ the diet, supplying essential micronutrients for optimum health and performance.

The nutrient density of a balancer makes it an extremely useful and advantageous addition to your horses’ diet, because it supplies these essential micronutrients within a very small amount of feed (typically 100g per 100kg bodyweight).

When a balancer forms the base of the diet, macronutrients (energy and protein) can be added or not, according to the individual horses’ requirements.

This means that balancers can be fed to many different types of horses such as natives and good doers, competition horses and youngsters, supplying them with all the essential micronutrients they need, making balancers an extremely versatile feed.

Balancers also often contain other beneficial ingredients such as yeast based probiotics, which have been shown to improve nutrient digestibility¹٬² allowing the horse to get the best out their diet and potentially reduce feed costs.

Why feed Smart Balance?

Smart Balance is an advanced specification balancer to support optimum equine health and performance.

  • Smart Balance supplies your horse with superior levels of vitamins and minerals for normal physiological function and the essential amino acids, lysine and methionine for muscle development and integrity.
  • Smart Balance is rich in beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, which are important for optimum health and must be supplied in the diet, but also provides essential Omega 6 fatty acids, which have significant functions within the horse.
  • Smart Balance offers exceptional value for money, providing your horse with premium quality nutrition for just 67p a day*!
  • Smart Balance is created using only wholesome, nutritious ingredients. Smart Balance is formulated without cereals and nutritionally empty cereal by-products, because we believe these by-products do not provide superior nutrition. Smart Balance is non GMO, contains no soya and is also molasses free.
  • Smart Balance contains generous levels of Diamond V XPCւs a natural yeast culture fermentation product used in non-GMO diets.

Research has shown that the greatest impact of yeast products is the promotion of the growth of beneficial bacteria¹. XPCւs contains functional metabolites to stimulate, nurture and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the hindgut, improving fibre fermentation and nutrient digestibility²′³. In addition to the positive effects on beneficial bacteria, the functional metabolites in XPCւs also support a balanced, healthy immune system and help promote gut integrity.

At Smart Horse Nutrition, we believe Smart Balance truly delivers superior nutrition to your horse at a very competitive price, which is of course, our ultimate goal.

To provide the healthiest and most nutritious diet for your horse – Think Smart, Be Smart, Feed Smart.

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* Based on a 500kg horse receiving 500g of Smart Balance per day.

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