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At Smart Horse Nutrition, we know that your horse is an individual and his or her diet should reflect this. We believe in supplying superior nutrition to every horse or pony, through a tailored diet plan to meet your horse’s individual needs, whilst also offering you exceptional value for money.

We believe forage is the foundation of your horse’s diet and take a forage first approach to our diet plans. This means we can offer a diet which is not only unique to your horse, but that is also in sympathy with their digestive system.  We will analyse your horse’s specific requirements and offer an expertly tailored, nutritious diet with everything your horse requires for optimum health, whilst also saving you money!

If you would like a free diet plan for your horse, fill your horse’s details in the form below and our ace nutritionist – Lisa Elliott MSc – will get back to you with a diet plan tailored for your own horse.

Please note that we can only provide diet plans for horses located in the UK and Ireland. 


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