It’s a well-used phrase – you get what you pay for. And with many other high quality products, this can be used to justify relatively high prices. But perhaps one of the first things you may notice about the our range is that our prices are surprisingly low.

Again, the reason for this is simple. We do this because we can.

When you pay for a bag feed for your horse, you’d expect the majority of what you pay to go towards what goes in the bag, right? Well unfortunately, with most major horse feed brands this isn’t the case.

This is because there are too many steps between raw ingredients being harvested and the feed arriving in your feed bin.

At Smart we go about things differently.

Rather than spending vast amounts on Sponsorship, advertising and people on the ground, all of which needs to be paid for in the price you pay for feed, we run a very cost effective business model meaning that what you pay for is horse feed not hot air and marketing.

The majority of our feed is sent directly from it’s place of manufacture to you, so minimising costly and inefficient freight costs

And we’re very good at what we do. always delivered to your door at no extra cost.

What this means is that not only do we retain full control over production and distribution of our feeds, whilst also benefiting from a short and cost effective production chain. It allows us to invest the money we save into better quality ingredients for your horse, whilst also reducing the price you pay. Always delivered to your door at no extra cost.