Smart Zero Mix

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Smart Zero Mix is a palatable forage based, whole cereal free mix with an advanced formulation. Smart Zero Mix is particularly suitable for working horses and ponies with metabolic and digestive health conditions who need a low sugar and starch diet, those that are ulcer prone, veterans and horses that become excitable on high cereal or starch diets.

  • A high fibre blend with super fibres to support optimum digestive health
  • XP yeast metabolites to support and promote beneficial bacteria and enhanced fibre fermentation
  • Higher levels of oils and fats to support weight gain and condition
  • Good levels of protein to support muscle development and integrity
  • Elevated levels of biotin to support hoof health and integrity
  • Fully balanced vitamins and minerals to support optimum health and well-being
  • Added fenugreek, to provide an attractive and tasty flavour

Bag size 15 kg.

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