Shiney, Happy Horses!

We had a lovely message recently from Debbie on Facebook, who lives in Somerset and has some stunning Quarter Horses.

Debbie’s first comment was short and sweet “Thanks for making such great stuff!” and she went on to send us a few photos.

“Here is our 28 year old!”

“And the latest addition. Check out how shiny the linseed makes her 🥰

“The liver chestnut is Comet, he is 28 (gelding) and the bay mare is Sky, (aged 20) with her 3 day old filly foal Remy. They are all American Quarter horses, but in Somerset. We have 9 horses in total and every one (apart from Remy who is still on milk LOL!) has Castle Horse Feeds. It’s so easy to feed and great quality.”

Thanks so much for sending in your comments Debbie! We needed sunglasses to view the pics of your gorgeous horses! And we are so in love with Remy… she is just spectacular. Best of luck for the future with her! 🥰

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