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The Smart Zero Range. A healthier way to feed your horse.

Do you have a horse that suffers from a metabolic or endocrinal condition? An excitable horse that loses weight easily? Gastric Ulcers? Or maybe you’re simply a horse owner looking for a healthier way to feed your competition horse or veteran? Then our Smart Zero range is for you…and your horse!

Formulated by our equine nutritionists to support work, performance and condition, Smart Zero provides the levels of energy and supporting micronutrients required for performance and to maintain or gain condition, in a tasty low sugar/starch formulation.

With Zero molasses and Zero whole cereals, Smart Zero feeds are blended using only the highest quality ingredients. Beneficial Super Fibres support optimum digestive health, while XP yeast metabolites support and promote beneficial bacteria and enhance fibre fermentation. Higher levels of oils and fats support weight gain and condition, while good levels of quality protein support muscle development and integrity. And with elevated levels of biotin to support hoof health and integrity, beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids to support natural anti-inflammatory processes, and a fully balanced vitamin and mineral profile, the Smart Zero range has been expertly formulated to support optimum health and well-being for your horse.

There are three feeds in the range – Smart Zero MashSmart Zero Mix and Smart Zero Cubes, so you can choose the best option for your horse. And although Smart Zero feeds are ideal for horses and ponies with metabolic or endocrinal conditions such as laminitis and cushings disease, excitable horses that need extra weight or those at risk from gastric ulcers, this new feed range is extremely versatile and provides a healthier option for all active horses and ponies, including competition, sport horses, and veterans.

  • High Performance Nutrition
  • Suitable for those at risk from gastric ulcers*
  • For equines with metabolic/endocrinal conditions*
  • For excitable horses that need to gain weight*
  • A healthier option for all active horses and ponies, including competition, sport horses, and veterans.

*As part of a balanced diet

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