Smart Horse Nutrition allows you to take control of your horse’s diet by providing you with the 3 essential building blocks of a balanced diet – micro nutrients (Smart Balance), macro nutrients (a Smart Museli) and fibre.

The concept is simple. Using Smart Balance as the foundation, the other 2 elements of a Muesli and a Fibre are then used to construct the perfect diet, tailored exactly for your horse’s needs.


Smart Balance

Smart Balance is a concentrated supply of micronutrients; vitamins, performance minerals, amino acids, Omega 3 and antioxidants along with an advanced digestive aid.

All of the Smart horse nutrition products are soya, molasses & GM free, we don’t use any by-products such as wheat feed, oat feed, distiller’s grains or cereal straw. We do include micronized linseed, performance minerals and digestive enhancers.


Smart Muesli

Smart Muesli is a concentrated source of macro nutrients, formulated to be fed in conjunction with Smart Balance to allow you to fine tune each horses’ feed to allow for work, temperament and growth.

Smart Balance is an essential ingredient in every horse’s diet. This is because a forage and / or grass based diet alone will rarely supply your horse with all the vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) needed for optimum health, even for the horse at rest. Read more about why to choose to feed Smart…


Smart Fibre

Smart Chaff provides the essential fibre chew factor for the Smart Diet.  

Simply a Smarter way to Feed.